Saturday, July 08, 2006

Balochis no longer want to be allied with the federation: Mengal

ISLAMABAD: Former Chief Minister Balochistan and PONM Central leader Sardar Ataullah Mengal said that the situation in Balochistan has reached to no point of return and the people of Balochistan no longer want to be allied with the federation and the Balochi people will emerge victorious amongst this battle of might and enemy.

In an exclusive interview with Online and Weekly Pulse Sardar Ataullah Mengal, who has been dubbed as one of the Sardars responsible for the deteriorating situation in Balochistan, said the situation of Balochistan always deteriorates, in every decade or so, but the current crisis sound more profound. It seems as if both the adversaries have reached a point-of-no-return, with not even a tiny flick of ray of hope being visible.

"Thousands of Balochis are laying down their precious lives for the defense of their "homeland and culture", pitted against an incomprehensible and powerful adversary like government but I am sure that Balochi people will emerge victorious amongst this battle of might and enemy", he said.

He said the government his time it has created a sense of hatred among masses far beyond just the government itself; to (the very concept of) Pakistan itself! This would simply mean that Pakistan and Balochistan would never be able to co-exist.

He said that mostly every government that comes into power tries to impress the fact upon us that Balochis are merely a third rate nation, and that difference has been sustained.

The "agencies", have been given unlimited and free choice to abduct, murder or terrorize anybody at their free will, almost like an "imperial agency", not even answerable to courts of law or Allah himself. As a result thousands of persons in the Province have been abducted, murdered or terrorized with impunity. This is even worse than British Raj days, and a close comparison would reveal that those were still the days of freedom of expression, while today we have slipped back to days of serfdom, Sardar Mengal said.

"President General Pervez Musharraf and his "agencies" are responsible for pinning the final nail into the "coffin of Federation".

In response to a query he said that it is common practice to blame the Balochistan crisis on " Foreign hand".

"It is very easy to levy an allegation. Even I can allege that if Musharraf can be a foreign agent (toady), I reserve the right to be one as well! If foreign hands are involved than why didn’t Pakistan lodge strong protests against that country or elements? These are all but baseless allegations", Mengal retorted..

In response to a question Sardar Mengal said there are no more solutions left. Things have gone to a point-of-no-return. People have sensed the issue on their own instincts and extreme hatred has developed in their minds about the rulers. I have never witnessed such extreme hatred ever. I have also perceived that they do not wish to be allied to the Federation any more. Even the best available democratic government has failed to deliver justice for the Baloch masses. So unless the Baloch faith is restored they would never compromise. It is only a matter of time before a verdict is reached, regardless of its acceptance or rejection."

Talking about PONM and some "nationalist" parties demand of a new constitution Mengal said, " We feel that the new constitution could easily accommodate all the factors and demands desired by provinces and specifically the grievances of oppressed nationalities. Should any one try to amend even a single word, a 2/3rd majority, usually hard to find, would be required. But since Punjab enjoys a 58% representative, it would never want a new change. Hence we feel that a new constitution based on equality (under any circumstances) should be legislated."

He said Punjab can rule the roost per force as long as it wishes, but a time would definitely come when it would loose the federation of other provinces. Pakistan survived after losing Bengal, but should it loose one other province the entire Federation would crumble like a sand house.

He said PONM has decided that if the forthcoming General Elections of 2007 are ever held under the auspices of President General Pervez Musharraf it would not contest them. We demand that these General Elections should be held under the auspices of impartial judiciary, who have not taken any oath under the PCO (Provisional Constitutional Order). We simply do not trust President Pervez Musharraf, after the way he has maligned the mullah. Anything can be expected of him.

Talking about the Charter of Democracy he said For us, any "charter" is incomplete as long as it contains full provisions for the autonomy of smaller provinces "in accordance with their vision", restoring their confidence and trust. Both the parties are promoting " Punjab’s domination", the only difference today is that "that dominance" is being perpetuated with use of force. We would never struggle for removal of an unconstitutional regime, only to be replaced by a new exploitation system. We also don’t approve of any democracy, which would deny us our rights and rather tend to suffocate us, taking cover under the democratic regulations and norms for doing so.


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